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In 2006, Argyll & Bute like many local authorities looked to appoint Mentors for the Scottish Schools Digital Network. I was given a week out of my day job to create a web-based resource explaining what a SSDN Mentor would do, and how we would look to appoint them.

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Whilst I created the web resource, the actual script for the accompanying audio was created by the ICT Steering Group led by John McPhee. I think John nailed it when summing up what a Mentor would do, and it was a great piece of work to sculpt some animation around.

I loved the idea of making the information we circulated surrounding the SSDN Mentor team aspirational, and it was great to be given the opportunity to do this kind of work. Tragically, the bandwidth at the time in many of the schools of Argyll did not lend itself to this kind of resource, so we produced it on a CD too. This was the first time I had played with email forms online, and the result worked well.

SSDN Menu of options - useful for low bandwidth

The site was produced in Flash and Fireworks for the html/javascript rollovers. Flash was a great authoring environment to work with graphics, animation and audio. I was very proud of the finished work, and delighted by the response it received.

SSDN Menu of section options

We divided the information into 5 sections, so that people could choose the section that was of most interest to them, instead of having to sit through the whole thing in a linear fashion. As section 3 and 4 were quite large, we sub-divided them into smaller sections with navigation in the actual flash animation itself.

SSDN sub-section navigation

This was ground breaking. No other local authority sought to do their recruitment online is such a way, and the quality of the resource was highly praised. Indeed, some other local authorities used some of the content from this site as they prepared their thoughts about how to recruit their own mentors, and what they would do once appointed.


What did people think about it?

Simply stating a national vision is not easy but this website delivers both vision and practical advice. This is a good model for other authorities to follow. – Neil Stewart, RM Education Manager

Check it out:

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