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In 2006, I thought it would be a good idea to have all of the training resources that I had produced in one easy to use website. Visitors could choose their operating system, and resources for their preferred learning style ā€“ pdf helpsheets, videos, or interactive instructions.

Argyll & Bute Help and Training site banner
Argyll & Bute Help and Training site banner

I had been doing a lot of experimentation with Flash, and liked how rich a user interface you could create with objects to aid navigation. Iā€™d also been doing a fair amount of work with Captivate, and Breeze at this point, realizing how beneficial these applications were to help cater for different learning styles.

Screenshot of Argyll & Bute Help and Training site in action
Screenshot of Argyll & Bute Help and Training site in action

It was an ambitious project, and much of it was never completed. It did pave the way for future projects, and highlighted to many how training programmes could be moved completely online.

The site was well received, and helped change how one particular manufacturer of interactive whiteboard supported users online.

Looking back at it now, it was Flash navigation overload ā€“ the past indeed is a foreign country!


What did people say about it?

What struck me most was the imaginative use Andrew had made of a simple technology to ease the training of educationalists on a wide range of common, but sometimes complicated, series of classroom based applications. Having worked with educational tools for a number of years myself I felt Andrew had discovered the ideal model to let others learn these applications at their own pace but within the context of education. I was so impressed that I thought Learning and Teaching Scotland should know a lot more about his work and fortunately for us, and the rest of the education community in Scotland, Andrew was quickly brought on board to the organisation. It may not be head hunting as we know it but it was a good decision based on actual experience of seeing his work in action and the difference it could make. – Martin Jack

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