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Leadership isn’t management

My gripe for today. I cringe when I hear the phrase ‘distributed leadership’. I fight back the rage building within me whenever I hear someone exchange the term ‘manager’ for the term ‘leader’. Let me be clear about this – I love the concept of distributed leadership. The world would be a wonderful place if […]

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The limit of your ability

Nothing more can I teach you. – Yoda In the early part of this millenium, I spent a lot of time teaching people to play the guitar. I’m quite knowledgable and fairly technically proficient as a guitarist, so it was with delight that I would help others in their own musically dexterous journey of development. […]

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We have a local supermarket that we only visit in a food emergency. Do you have one like this? You don’t shop there regularly, as you get both better deals and better service elsewhere. This particular shop is a disgrace. It’s many years since I worked in the retail industry, but even what I learned […]

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They’re with us

On a regular basis I now pass underneath the Erskine Bridge, and it reminds me of a laugh we used to have at the toll booths whenever we drove over it years ago. It’s a really simple thing to do, but when you drive through a toll booth, simply pay double the fare and say […]

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The windows to your soul…

The treasure – of – an endless – ocean – of love – lies – in your – soul – behind – the windows – that are – your – eyes. – Steve Vai Time is precious. We spend much of our time bustling from one task to the next, without much chance to stop and reflect on where we are, or […]

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Volunteer 2014

The thing that impressed me most about the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games was the Gamesmakers. People from all over the place giving up their time to be a friendly face and help visitors to the capital get the best out of the games, and to ensure the games ran smoothly. You now have […]

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The best shoe shop sales person in the world!

When I was around 15, I met a girl called Karen from Stewarton. She and I were taking part in a Summer Mission organised by the Church of Scotland. At one point in the week, she was asked up in front of a large group of people to say a bit about herself. She was […]

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Are you ok?

How many times each day do you either ask or respond to that question? We’re very good at asking it of those that we are close to, and being genuinely concerned about their response and their welfare. But what of complete strangers? I’ve recently returned to cycle commuting. It’s wonderfully liberating to start and end […]

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Ambitious targets…

When I set up this site, I had huge ambitions, but little time. I’d planned to post every day, but didn’t manage that very well! Instead of feeling bad about not publishing every day, perhaps I should just feel better about when I do manage to share my thoughts? So, intermittent service will now be […]

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Being green

 I once read a post that claimed how detrimental to the environment web technology was. It was very interesting to read afterwards a post from Google setting the record straight. Whilst I don’t doubt that web technology is in some way detrimental to the environment, the alternatives that we seem to take for granted would appear […]

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