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… I started hearing the phrase “riding paniagua.” Sometimes it was delivered in a slightly depressed tone, as if the speaker were talking about riding a particularly slow and stubborn donkey. I might’ve finished higher, but I was riding paniagua. Other times, it was mentioned as a point of pride. I finished in the first […]

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One for the road…

I love cycling, and I love social technology, so something that brings the two of these passions together for me is instantly going to grab my attention. A few months ago I was introduced to – for technological reasons, it’s taken me a while to get into it, but I can now say with certainty that […]

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On yer bike!

As I mentioned on Tuesday, I’ve been commuting to work by bike. For the cycle nerds that may be interested, I thought I’d add in some stats and interesting observations (well, interesting to me!) each week on a Saturday. Once I’ve returned to a phone that has a data tarrif, this will become far more […]

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