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Change. Education. Development. The Art of Presenting. Simplicity. Guitar Making. Sometimes, one box alone just doesn’t quite fit.

Andrew Brown is firmly committed to helping people deal with change in their life, work and environment. He is presently employed with Education Scotland.

He began a teaching career in 1998 teaching History and Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies. With a strong interest in the use of technology to improve learning and teaching, he took up the post of Education Officer in 2003, working with staff and pupils across all primary, secondary and special schools in Argyll and Bute.

In 2007, Andrew joined Learning and Teaching Scotland to assist in the rollout of Glow, the Scottish Schools Digital Network. He has since held a number of roles, from Development Officer to Programme Director for Emerging Technologies, before taking up his current position.

A keen developer, Andrew is committed to supporting a number of online initatives. Development clearly moves beyond the browser too, and he is involved in helping organisations transform.

An engaging speaker, Andrew has delivered speeches and presentations at national and international events. He has worked with thousands of individuals and groups to help them develop their presentation and speaking abilities.

With a passion for simplicity, Andrew seeks to help all those he works with reduce complexity and ensure ease of access to concepts, tools, opportunities and resources. He is a firm believer in the benefits of online collaboration, seeking to encourage people to both share their successes and their failures.

Andrew studied Ecclesiastical History and Systematic Theology at the University of Glasgow. In his free time, he enjoys reading, cinema, cycling, running, and both playing and making guitars. Andrew is married to Nicola, and they have two children, Elijah and Claudia.

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