A lot of what I do involves technology. For those with insatiable curiosity therefore, here’s what I use to get the job done.

Besides my hosting provider, the mention on any of these technological solutions is in no way an endorsement – I’m merely stating here what anyone who interacts with me in person could observe for themselves. Clearly it’s up to you to figure out based on your own needs the solutions that would help you achieve your desired outcomes.

As I either walk, cycle or take public transport everywhere, most hardware I need to be portable.

Inside the mandarina duck bag is:


MacBook Air 11″, 1.6GHz, 128GB SSD, 4GB RAM

I’ve always liked small, lightweight laptops, and this one is an absolute gem. Instant on is a real bonus.


iPad 2, white, 64GB, 3G + wifi

I held off getting an iPad first time around, as I was waiting for one with a camera. Tablets are quite astonishing devices. Very soon, we won’t need laptops – just a tablet device to travel with, and a fully featured PC at home/office. If I was to offer advice about tablets with hindsight though it would be this – just get the 16GB or 32GB one. As you’re managing a library on another device or in the cloud, I don’t think most people would need such a large storage capacity.


Apple iPhone 5, black, 16GB

After an incident involving my iPhone 3G and a washing machine, I now have an iPhone 5. I went for the smallest version of it, as my experience with the iPad and managing a library on our home computer tells me you can easily manage this. Added bonus is that it’s bluetooth 4.0, so it’s now become my bicycle computer too (how you attach it to a bike however is a whole ‘other post!)


Canon EOS 500D

Nicola and I invested in a decent camera in 2010, and are still getting to grips with it. It helps us take fabulous photos, but to be honest, we have so much to learn in this arena it’s laughable.





Supergreen Hosting’ provides my hosting. Let’s face it, as servers are fundamentally damaging to the environment, I wanted a host that minimized the damage as much as possible, and offset completely against that which it couldn’t alter. Super Green and their parent company JustHost have been utterly fabulous, and I heartily recommend them to everyone.

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