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Change. Education. Development. The Art of Presenting. Simplicity. Guitar Making. Sometimes, one box alone just doesn’t quite fit.

AB drawing boxBy our nature, we want to put people into boxes. We often can’t help ourselves. We look for words that describe people, as it helps us make sense of the world around us – it gives us our frame of reference.

There are many words that could be used to describe me – tall, thin, white, Christian, husband, father. I could add other kinds of words – reflective, analytical, intelligent, compassionate. Do these give you a true picture of who I am though? Whilst these attributes could be built up to form some kind of picture of who I am, I firmly believe the only way to truly know someone is to spend time sharing with them – sharing stories, sharing ideas, sharing space, sharing time.

The digital world allows us to share, but it loses a lot in translation. Simply put, you just don’t get the essence of me online. It’s ‘almost’ me, but just not quite.

Perhaps ‘almost ab’ isn’t such a daft name for a website after all.

Here’s what some people I’ve worked with have said about me:

Andrew excels when it comes to winning hearts and minds, working quietly with people to help them to realise their aspirations. – Laurie O’Donnell, Director, Technologies for Learning, Learning and Teaching Scotland

Andrew has a rare grasp of being able to combine practical advice, humor, education philosophy and thought leadership to help inspire and challenge those involved in Scottish Education. – Ollie Bray, National Adviser for Emerging Technologies, Education Scotland

Andrew’s vision of how digital technologies should be integral to Scotland’s learning future is informed by his sound understanding of teaching and learning, his considerable technical expertise and his commitment to ensuring that all our children’s entitlements to the best chance in learning are met. It is a pleasure and an honour to have worked with and for him. – Derek Robertson, National Adviser for Emerging Technologies, Education Scotland

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For those of you that have managed to read this far, I offer three more enlightening resources:

1) Bio – Short
2) Bio – Full
3) CV – Just the Facts

4) Oh, and for those that are interested, a helpful slice of geekery too…

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