Your mountain is waiting…

You’re off the Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting.
So…get on your way!

Today I start a new job in West Dunbartonshire Council. I’m taking up the role of Education Service Manager for Education Development, which sees me leave Education Scotland after a period of five years. It feels like I work in five year cycles looking back, as before that I was working for Argyll and Bute for five years, so it’s a good time to be looking at change.

New starts are always a challenge, as you have a mixture of feelings – excitement about what the future may hold, and a fair bit of trepidation to accompany it, as you question your own ability facing the unknown.

Dr. Seuss had a wonderful story to tell people facing decisions in life. In his wonderfully affirming ‘Oh The Places You’ll Go’ he talks about good times and bad times that people face in life. So for anyone else reading this on a Monday and needing a wee boost of confidence, check out the video above from the Burning Man festival.

Kid, you’ll move mountains

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6 thoughts on “Your mountain is waiting…”

  1. Hi Andrew, Good luck in your new role. I’m sure you will thrive given a new challenge. Let us know how you are getting on! I totally agree about the 5 year cycle BTW. Jason

    1. Thanks Jason – it’s great to be in a new role, with a wider remit. I’ll definitely let you know how it’s going – you know me, I need and take all the help I can get!

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