Saying “I don’t know” more often

In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. –┬áDesiderius Erasmus


It’s very easy to take on responsibility for something that you’re not able to do – you’re asked to do it, and have time; you’re interested in the topic; you once did something similar; it’s the next ‘logical’ step for your career; (this list could go on!)

With a new challenge could come a phenomenal opportunity for exploration and growth, but it could also bring fear, uncertainty and doubt. To ensure the former and eliminate the latter, there needs to be in place support, encouragement and trust.

That’s all very well, but there also needs to be in place fundamental ability and knowledge. Both of these could be gained, or managed, but without either we’re destined to fail. We need to be confident to admit where we’re not able or admit that we don’t know, and respect other that are able and do know.

I think we need to say “I don’t know…” more often than we do. This could easily be followed by something like “…but I’m itching to find out!” in order to see progress. Equally, “I can’t do that…” could easily be followed by ‘…but I’m going to keep trying!”

Is there a bottom line though? At some point, do we reach the limits of our ability?

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2 thoughts on “Saying “I don’t know” more often”

    1. A far better written post than mine! It would be interesting to see what sectors the sentiment isn’t really put into practice in.

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