The windows to your soul…

The treasure – of – an endless – ocean – of love – lies – in your – soul – behind – the windows – that are – your – eyes. – Steve Vai

Time is precious. We spend much of our time bustling from one task to the next, without much chance to stop and reflect on where we are, or what we are doing. Even when we find ourselves in company with time on our hands, we find ingenious ways to fill it, without actually interracting with people that are in our immediate environment. I used to spend a lot of time on trains, and often found myself embarrassed when I made eye contact with my fellow passengers – a brief moment of connection, insight or even friendship lost due to social norms – it’s almost as if the unwritten rule of the commuter is not to engage with those seated around you.

What a missed opportunity! What diverse life experiences we all have, and could gain so much from simple interraction. What could we have learned from each other? What could we have shared?

Do your interractions with the others you encounter today give an insight into who you are? Have you shared with others today something that is important to you? Do your eyes convey to others your beliefs or values in life?

Image Credit: frech.

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