Hannah: I feel safe with you
Joseph: Nobody’s safe with me

Every so often you come across a beautiful film that on the face of it is incredibly bleak, yet manages to convey so much about personal journey and relationships. If you haven’t seen Tyrannosaur, I’d urge you to get hold of it.

This 2011 film directorial debut by Paddy Considine is a masterpiece. Although the cast lists a number of roles, the vast majority of screen time is taken up by two individuals – Hannah, played by Olivia Coleman, and Joseph, played by Peter Mullan. I find Peter Mullan an utterly compelling actor, and frankly anything with him in it I would watch. Olivia Coleman was described by Village Voice as ‘A revelation’, and I wholeheartedly agree.

The film really looks at the lives of both characters. Joseph is a violent man, whose life is full of issues as a consequence of his attempts to deal with his destructive personality. Hannah is a Christian charity shop worker, who faces issues in her own life in a very different way. Redemption is a theme of the movie, as both characters learn a huge amount from each other.

To say more would spoil the film, but I would urge you to watch it. A compelling view of humanity, and the interractions we have with those around us.

You can watch it on lovefilm.com, or if you prefer to get your hands on physical media, then you can purchase it at amazon.co.uk.

Image credit: matsuyuki.

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