On yer bike!

As I mentioned on Tuesday, I’ve been commuting to work by bike. For the cycle nerds that may be interested, I thought I’d add in some stats and interesting observations (well, interesting to me!) each week on a Saturday. Once I’ve returned to a phone that has a data tarrif, this will become far more automated and technical, (yes, I have joined strava, and have a phone full of apps, but without a data tarrif, these are proving worthless) but for now, it’ll serve as a way to keep track of things for me.

I used to cycle a lot, and was at one time a member of Glasgow Ivy Cycling Club. Aside from the odd ‘sunny day’, I’ve had the past 10 years effectively off a bike, so it’s wonderful to get back on a bike, and enjoy the fresh air, exercise and sense of well-being that cycling brings. I also re-joined British Cycling, which for £2 a month seems like a great cause to support. I’d love to say my return to cycing is part of the renaissance that British Cycling is undergoing that the moment, but I’m afraid my return is prompted by two hard facts – trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle/work-life balance, and a change in income!

For those interested, I’m presently riding my ‘cycle to work’ bike courtesy of the Scottish Government. It’s a hybrid – Giant Seek 3 (which I’ve changed the bars, seat, pedals and tires on, and added mudguards, lights and a rack)

My daily route to work takes me along the A814 to Dumbarton, where I pick up the Sustrans route 7 which I follow to the junction with the A814 again at the Beardmore in Dalmuir. There, I join Dumbarton road and take it as far as South street, at the end of which I rejoin Sustrans route 7 into the city centre. Google tells me this route is 22.7 miles, and should take 2hrs 25mins.

This week:

Tuesday – 45.4 miles – in 1hr 42mins, out 1hr 23mins (hybrid)
Wednesday – 45.4 miles – in 1hr 39mins, out 1hr 42mins (hybrid)
Thursday – Train! (sorry…)
Friday – 45.4 miles – in 1hr 38mins, out 1hr 32mins(hybrid)

Image Credit: Roderic Page.

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