The best shoe shop sales person in the world!

When I was around 15, I met a girl called Karen from Stewarton. She and I were taking part in a Summer Mission organised by the Church of Scotland.

At one point in the week, she was asked up in front of a large group of people to say a bit about herself. She was a student with a part time job, but when asked what she did when not on summer mission, she replied “I’m a shoe shop sales person”. Her interviewer, (who knew her well, incidentally) said “Is that what you do? I thought you did something else. What’s your ambition in life?”. She replied dead-pan “To be the best shoe shop sales person in the world!”

I don’t think that was Karen’s ambition, but it got me thinking – what a great sentiment! Perhaps our society would be a much better place if we could have such ambitions – not to pursue some fanciful goal, but to truly transcend and work hard at what we do, whatever that may be.

Image Credit: Yukon White Light.

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