If you’re reading a good book, you’re not wasting time.

At school I was taught English by a chap named Richard Maudsley who would have us start each lesson in silent reading with the phrase “If you’re reading a good book, you’re not wasting time”. He would then sit quietly working on something himself, whilst the class read the book they had each brought with them.

Whilst I may not have enjoyed school much, I loved these five minutes at the start of his lessons. It was wonderful to be given time in school to do something you had complete control over without any interruptions. Occasionally, he would look up during this five minutes and ask someone what they were reading. He’d ask them to briefly summarise it, and to say what they thought of it so far. Clearly a well read man, from his own experience he would then suggest other books that they might like to read if they were enjoying that one, or if they weren’t enjoying it, make other suggestions that they might like to consider.

There has never been a better time to read than now. Public libraries are an absolute goldmine, and online there are cheaper and cheaper ways to buy books, or to read books for free from the vast online libraries that exist.

Each Thursday, I’ll share my thoughts about a book that I have read that has made an impression on me. Where it exists online for free I’ll share a link to it, so that you can read it yourself. Where it doesn’t exist online, I’ll share a link to amazon.co.uk where you can buy it for yourself. Please note that I am affiliated to amazon.co.uk, so I may recieve payment for any purchase you make as a result of following a link from my site. In no way does amazon.co.uk influence the choice of titles I may discuss.

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