Do you love films?

When I started this site, I proposed to use Wednesday’s to talk about movies that I have watched that were worthy (or not) of comment. I’ll return to the real purpose of Wednesday’s next week, but permit me an indulgence today.

In 1997, I subscribed to Sky TV. From the outset of this story it’s worth noting that I have virtually no interest in television. I don’t watch television. I subscribed to Sky purely for the films. Over the years, I’ve probably watched more than my fair share of quality movies, and definitely more than my fair share of complete and utter dross. Sky, in their infinite marketing wisdom, kept changing the content of the movie package and increasing the price, resulting ultimately in what I felt to be a poor return for my money. So, earlier this year, we cancelled Sky TV. [note – Dear Sky, please stop phoning me and sending me utterly pointless promotional materials through the post – I’m not coming back. Period.]

Then we discovered If you haven’t checked out then you should. If you have broadband, you can stream their vast collection of film and tv show for the small amount of £4.99 per month. If you’re like me and still enjoy getting your hands on physical media, for £7.99 they’ll send you a DVD through the post from your wishlist which you can keep for as long as you need in order to watch it. Once you’ve watched it, simply put it in the post (for free) and they’ll send you another one from your wishlist. There is no contract, and you’re free to cancel at any time.

Whilst I know the cynic in you is thinking this is a shameless marketing message, then consider how much you may currently spend on your satellite or cable TV subscription. I’m now £42.01 a month better off. Now consider how many times you sit with your remote in hand complaining that from thousands of channels, there is nothing on! Also consider how time rich you’ll be if you stopped watching dross on TV?

Each Wednesday I’ll talk about films that I’ve watched that have left an impression on me. For each of these films, I’ll either link to where you could watch it for yourself, or where you can buy it. I am affiliated to both and, so if you click a link from my site, then I may receive payment based on any purchase you make. In no way is my selection of films influenced by either company.

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