Being green

Green Web Hosting I once read a post that claimed how detrimental to the environment web technology was. It was very interesting to read afterwards a post from Google setting the record straight. Whilst I don’t doubt that web technology is in some way detrimental to the environment, the alternatives that we seem to take for granted would appear to be far worse!

When I decided to come back online, it was really important to me to find a host that did something about this. I wanted to find a host that used the greenest tech available, and offset against that which it couldn’t alter. For those reasons, I’m happy to promote my host – supergreen hosting. They are very reliable, and have been exceptionally quick to answer any question I have posed of them. Good news on both fronts there then. (Yes, I know they are owned by…)

Kermit the Frog once famously said – “It’s not easy being green” – there are lots of other steps that one could take to improve their carbon footprint – so this is just a simple, random act to consider today. How green is your host?

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