The price of happiness…

Hatfield Galleria Shopping Centre - courtesy of Barry Lawson

I read with interest a few weeks ago of the UNICEF report into materialism amongst British children. If you haven’t read the report, then I would urge you to have a look at it. It presents a view that seems brimming over with common sense – spend more time together as families, and less attention on wanting ‘things’ that don’t actually improve our sense of wellbeing.

Simple enough to say, but how do you get a culture obsessed with materialism and a pursuit of fame/eternal youth to mend its ways? I think a simple way to set out to achieve this would be to start small. Have a look at your own actions – do you spend enough time with those that you love? Do you put time with them above other pursuits? Do you as a family eat together? Perhaps this would be a simple place to start. We try to eat together as a family as often as we can (this is dependant on me getting out the office early enough! – more on this to follow), and we make sure it’s technology free. No TV, no laptops, no mobiles. Just us, enjoying each others company. A simple first step.

I have loads more to say about materialism, but I think I’ll save that for other posts. Besides, I’m breaking myself in gently to sharing my thoughts online again, after a long break.

Image credit – Barry Lawson, under a Creative Commons Licence.

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